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arghh dreams

I must go back to Singapore.

To do one thing: beat up little brother.

Ok kidding, but i have to hit him or something.
My pent-up anger is haunting me in my dreams.
For 2 days straight I dreamt of beating him up.
Today i dreamt he irritated the crap outta me near some sink (where the f were we srsly) and i took the washing sponge and scrubbed his face. Potentially blinding him. I was so annoyed I was growling or something. And I woke up to it. I wonder if the housemates could even hear me.

Stupid twerp needs to learn some freaking manners.

Please just let me dream of 2pm again instead of me being a sadistic sister.

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i dont know why im nervous.
and have butterflies in my tummy.

I should just get it over and done with.
WTF. It’s something I like to do.. maybe i’m just anxious.. Hmmm..


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❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: says:
how many times have u jumped?
[ ヒヨリ.ヒロシ ]=-[/c] I have Survived jumps from 1000feet … bwhahhaaz says:

❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: says:
whoaaaaaaa T_T
=[ ヒヨリ.ヒロシ ]=- I have Survived jumps from 1000feet … bwhahhaaz says:
basic requirement to pass
so i tried to commit sucide thrice but didnt die

My “son”.
My dad’s words of the wise says, “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?”

Love my dad, cant wait to be back!
Get me out of here now!!! (T_T)
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It’s funny how I can act happy and fine when talking to people when in actual fact I’m not.
I can be angry in one conversation and yet be happy in the next.

I can feel so much anger yet smile like nothing’s the matter and act like I’m mad at no one when I’m disappointed.

Is this what they call a hypocrite ?

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my mum = full of LULZ

When i skyped with my mum like yesterday (after so freaking long)

My mum greeted me with this:

Picture 1

She was hugging it and all, so cute! Both it and my mum.

later onwards:

Picture 2

She said “Yeah, I torture your soft toys when you are away.”

After which as we talked she ate my pocky (which i wanted to give my lil bro)
and expensive chocolate. RIGHT INFRONT OF ME.

My dad came to talk to me afterwards and we did funny shitty actions infront of the webcam.
My mum did it too.

I have kids as parents.
But I miss them so freaking much!!

Can’t wait to be home!
Selected 2 now, FEMALE cosplays to do on afa!
Isn’t it sad that I couldn’t sleep last night because i was so worried about the poses?
I’m a shithead, I know.
Please tailor of awesome, return to me with good pictures and good shipping price !

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no longer female?

It seems fate likes to play jokes on me, indeed im bound to be a prince for eternity.

Kidding, I have ONE lonesome female cosplay from Dolls.
I’m doing Kaito (imitation black) and Ciel (meet the Queen ver.) for either AFA or EOY.
Woe is me who has little fate with femininity.

I always thought I was a guy in a female’s body when I was growing up.
I wanted to have a sex change when I was in primary 4.
I believed being female sucked donkey penis.

In secondary 1/2 I came across Japanese Visual Kei. Where guys sometimes dressed as girls.
I also came across punk and lolita fashion.
I wanted to learn and master makeup and walk in platform shoes so high, my dad calls them monster boots.
It was a start of something feminine. Pity I “bloomed” so late.

But alas it seems I’m forever the most happy cosplaying male characters.
WTF is wrong with me and fate.
OMG I sound like an angsty Hyuuga Neji.

Anyways, to redeem thy lazy self, I’ll get a job or something over the holidays and get the following outfits done:
1. Maylene (yes the dorky maid) [F]
2. Ciel (3rd one) [M]
3. Neptune [F, SO VERY F]
4. Baidou [M]
5. Miku (x2) [F] [F]
6. Sunako [F]
7. Okita [M]
8. Konan [F]
9. Other DOLLs charas [M, all M]

… do i have more female cosplays now?
yes? maybe?

Actually if i ever tone my tummy down, i would love to do Kaito H version. Which is M. So very M.
Well see how much i work out at the gym in Singapore then.

Cant wait to swim again on Tuesday.

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just let me.

Please just let me cosplay miku. (T_T)

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my cosplay plans are kinda screwed up now since the tailor i wanted to hire has no time.
I’m only set for female charas for dolls.
Which is sad since there are only 3 of them :/ and i only like one haha.

Damn it man.
Should have settled it faster ):

I’m looking at vocaloid as alternatives. (particularly magnet/love is war and kaito, neru)
Baidou is too much of a rush and I’m prolly not doing Konan yet.

Does it mean its back to ciel phanthomhive?
But i was really looking forward to doing female charas for the event (T_T)

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taichou approves

When i showed taichou, Konan:
─Ade─ It’s good to be busy! says: (1:41:10 AM)
is that a girl

❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: “you shouldn’t do that” – joon <3 says: (1:41:14 AM)

─Ade─ It's good to be busy! says: (1:41:15 AM)
please let it be a girl

❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: “you shouldn’t do that” – joon <3 says: (1:41:44 AM)
me too man woots
and shes evil woots
but she doesnt really smile and stuff
at least i guess… characters im doing for afa will be happy hahah

─Ade─ It's good to be busy! says: (1:43:19 AM)
EVEN MORE AWESOME. She carries my traits. More cookie points

HAHAHAHAHA Super funny. I miss you taichou (T_T )

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