stupid boy.

hao: awww so sad ahah.. be in aussie till 10nov lidat.. yea i see alot of burnt forest ard here.

me: waaaaaa. i flying back 15nov haha. ok then dont buy gift for u hahahahaa

hao: y no gift!!

me: coz u ownself here liao what, buy gift for u for what! HAHAHAHA.

kidding la. what u want, come tell me ur wishhhh hahaa

hao: eh i dunno wads nice here.. get me live joey?

me: live joey ur head ar. i go jail

hao: eh gtg.. tok to ya nez time.. u go do ur work SUCKER!! haha bye

This is how much my friend “loves” me.
): sucker somemore. THAT ASS.
Stupid boy, even though you damnnnn irritating to the core, please take care !
Out of the many friends there in rockwhatever, i worry for you the most cause you damn kuku.


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