no longer female?

It seems fate likes to play jokes on me, indeed im bound to be a prince for eternity.

Kidding, I have ONE lonesome female cosplay from Dolls.
I’m doing Kaito (imitation black) and Ciel (meet the Queen ver.) for either AFA or EOY.
Woe is me who has little fate with femininity.

I always thought I was a guy in a female’s body when I was growing up.
I wanted to have a sex change when I was in primary 4.
I believed being female sucked donkey penis.

In secondary 1/2 I came across Japanese Visual Kei. Where guys sometimes dressed as girls.
I also came across punk and lolita fashion.
I wanted to learn and master makeup and walk in platform shoes so high, my dad calls them monster boots.
It was a start of something feminine. Pity I “bloomed” so late.

But alas it seems I’m forever the most happy cosplaying male characters.
WTF is wrong with me and fate.
OMG I sound like an angsty Hyuuga Neji.

Anyways, to redeem thy lazy self, I’ll get a job or something over the holidays and get the following outfits done:
1. Maylene (yes the dorky maid) [F]
2. Ciel (3rd one) [M]
3. Neptune [F, SO VERY F]
4. Baidou [M]
5. Miku (x2) [F] [F]
6. Sunako [F]
7. Okita [M]
8. Konan [F]
9. Other DOLLs charas [M, all M]

… do i have more female cosplays now?
yes? maybe?

Actually if i ever tone my tummy down, i would love to do Kaito H version. Which is M. So very M.
Well see how much i work out at the gym in Singapore then.

Cant wait to swim again on Tuesday.

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