my mum = full of LULZ

When i skyped with my mum like yesterday (after so freaking long)

My mum greeted me with this:

Picture 1

She was hugging it and all, so cute! Both it and my mum.

later onwards:

Picture 2

She said “Yeah, I torture your soft toys when you are away.”

After which as we talked she ate my pocky (which i wanted to give my lil bro)
and expensive chocolate. RIGHT INFRONT OF ME.

My dad came to talk to me afterwards and we did funny shitty actions infront of the webcam.
My mum did it too.

I have kids as parents.
But I miss them so freaking much!!

Can’t wait to be home!
Selected 2 now, FEMALE cosplays to do on afa!
Isn’t it sad that I couldn’t sleep last night because i was so worried about the poses?
I’m a shithead, I know.
Please tailor of awesome, return to me with good pictures and good shipping price !


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  1. 1

    Kym said,

    My girlfriend is so full of awesome please :D

    <3333 Auntie HEHEEHEHEEHEH

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