❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: says:
how many times have u jumped?
[ ヒヨリ.ヒロシ ]=-[/c] I have Survived jumps from 1000feet … bwhahhaaz says:

❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: says:
whoaaaaaaa T_T
=[ ヒヨリ.ヒロシ ]=- I have Survived jumps from 1000feet … bwhahhaaz says:
basic requirement to pass
so i tried to commit sucide thrice but didnt die

My “son”.
My dad’s words of the wise says, “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?”

Love my dad, cant wait to be back!
Get me out of here now!!! (T_T)

Last night, I dreamt of 2pm + beast!
Which is so oddddd.
I think Kymmie was also in the dream.
We were in some hugeeeee pool (must be my burning desire to go swimming kicking in).
And some how I was talking about “ohhh i’ll totally get beast’s and mblaq’s album” since we were all just chilling.
Then Taec was glaring at me to which I quickly added “I’ll get 2pm’s too!”

And somehow nickhun and i were all lovey dovey. SO ODD COZ WOOYOUNG ANYTIME BABEH. And recently i have a thing for junho.
So i was really fucked annoyed when i woke up this afternoon.Like arghhhhhhh why did my dream end (T___T)

Of course I wont get anyone’s album yet until Jay gets back into 2pm. So maybe I’ll get mblaq’s :P

Kymmie          Clinging to the Void; says:
I had quite a few dreams though, you were in one of them!!
I think we were doing something REALLY retarded… So I was like… Shit, is this how we normally are!?

❚❚❚ geri • nariko ❚❚❚ :: says:


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