i can.. right? :/

I’m totally worried about getting more costumes.

So far I’ve gotten Sailor Neptune.

Right now the plan is to get:
1 dolls outfit (female)
1 ciel
1 kaito

Plus like 7 different wigs.

I keep telling myself that I’m selling some dorrie stuff away, selling one head and selling another costume, so i should be fine… Am i really? (T_T)

I still havent bought boots (T_T)

Gonna cramp consumer behaviour tomorrow after lunch at the library.

Despite it being such a sucky day,
I lost weight today though!
Trying to get it to go like another 4kg lower?
Hope we can go swimming on Monday!

I also drank fucked-up soy milk.
Thank gawd i didnt gulp it down like i usually do.
ILU Kelda.
But FUCK SIA. It was so fucking sour there was a fucking biting feeling on my tongue.
Thinking about it makes me feel like throwing up. ARGHHH.


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