GYARU-withdrawal symptoms

I can’t wait to go back to Singapore to read my POPTEEN!
I also can’t wait to go to Hong Kong to shop!!

Kumiiiiikooooo =3=
Love he style and her curls. Can’t wait for my hair to get longer =_=

On the left, hime-gyaru style.
It’s a “princess” style which I really like for winter (*3*)/
I’m going to get a lot of winter princess clothes for traveling and aussie! Hehe.
I also love their boots. I was on taobao and they dont seem to have them anymore (T_T)
I hope they stock up! (>_<);; Anyone who wants to ride on the order, please let me know ! I’ll pass you the link~

I must find a job when I get back to Singapore. I hope to get to work at a cute retail store at far east (T_T);;


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    h said,

    soooooooooooooooooo cute! i was looking for some gyaru winter clothes (im a newbie), and i found these babies! so gourgeous!

    PS: Sorry if i have a bad english… :s

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