happy thoughts shall cloud my mind.

*psychos self*

Happy because:
1. Kym and i can go to AFA09 FREE.
2. I get to interview cosplayers at AFA09!
3. I finally get to talk to dav who is incharge of my cosplay costumes! No luck with cc with wigs yet though (>_<) [but im thus changing plans to JUST dolls cosplay (X_X) neptune cos has to wait for EOY]
4. Kelly and Kelda made brownies and i ated it.
5. I’m going back to S’pore soon
6. Thinking of birthday and xmas present. PUHAHA.
7. Kym clinched a job interview!! So psyched for her!!
8. Kym and I spent the night talking about YAOI HAHA. And we found links to lamento and lucky dogs1! I hope it works T_T thanks kymmie!
9. Kelda came over to my room and we webcammed with kym, ensuing in weirdness!
10. I created weirdshit memories with Kelda when I scared her when she came out of the toilet. HAHAHA.

I must remain in a happy state! RAWRS.


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