I need to finish up my lecture notes by tonight.(T_T)
Been sleeping and playing for too long!!

Had an awesome night with the usual gang.
We went to Conrad treasury to have lobster~

Luckily i didnt opt for the wagyu burger! It was soooo puny!!
After that we had goooooood coffee, but it was only like 5 of us, still it was good to chit chat and relax~~~

I seriously love KOBATO =3=
Fairy tail is also getting interesting but I hate Plue.
I also hate Chii, who appears in Kobato, well, not her per say, but 2 twins who look like her, thankfully though its just the outer appearance. phew.

Tuesday is the last day of my exams.
Going to have dinner with Aileen and Sumi.
It will be the last time I see Sumi (T_T) unless i go to Korea.
I hope she will be in Seoul the next time we meet (=3=)/
Unnie, hwaiting!

Been psychoing Kelda to watch azumanga daioh and we conclude she is Osaka.
Aini always said i was Tomo, so hahahaa i’m the Osaka-tormentor. HURHUR.


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