please be in time!

Unfortunately, it seems like no matter how much i rush, it may or may not be in time for afa! *SAD*

Anyways, hanged out with theory & prac mates yesterday~
Was quite fun but im sorry i was so boring guys, coz i was really tired!!

Let’s all meet again when everyone’s back!

Had farewell dinner with Sumi unnie~ (TT____TT)
I’m going to miss her a lot!!!
Hope to visit Korean soon and I hope she comes to Singapore too! (>3<)
We took a picture using the timer and suddenly it seemed my legs were damn skinny.
So shocked pleaseeeeeee. I must find that angle again hahaha!

Cant wait to be home~~~~
Laughed so much yesterday due to Sang Sang plus with 2pm, luckily there was not a lot of people in school ~ (in fact it was only kelda and i haha)
Went to watch fairy tail and darker than black later on.
DTB is kinda confusing, so many terms, i just decided to not concentrate on it at all haha.
Cant wait to watch more kobato and fairy tail (>3<)
I also want to watch otomen and finish up the previous maki drama.
Also need to finish watching ouran high school ( i got bored of it T_T) and yameto shichijihenge or whatever, freaking long name, ghost 007 and pandora hearts.

Also reading kuni no heart no alice wheees.
I wanna play that samurai otome game soon on my psp. Hehee

And then play lamento and lucky dogs1 with kym~ Hopefully it works and hopefully Japanese God watch over me and give me wisdom coz my jap’s so rusty! I was watching Gackt’s radio show with Miyavi and i had noooooo idea what on earth they said but “due le quartz” (T_T)

Going to ask Steve the polar bear to help me with windows 7 installation on macbook ~~ (>_<)


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