Im back in spore babeh!!!

I had such a hell of a fucking day today.
Lift broke down and all that shit.
Thanks so much Steve, Joson and Leonard for sending us off!

Awaiting everyone to return so we can go makan together! (:

The family came to pick me up today!
even my elder bro (Who would be scolded for leaving camp tmr) and my younger bro! (who usually cant be assed to meet me)

Felt so touched and so loved (T_T) *tears of joy*

Found out my bros had 2 new computers, envy to the max! (T_T)
Going to use my elder bro’s to play games (dragon age, BLgames hahaha etc)

Came home to pineapple tarts on my table!
Thanks lai yi!

Neptune package was on my table, at least i think it is, will look at it tomorrow.
Wigs have been sent out yesterday, should arrive in 2 days!
Please let it all be in time! (>_<)

Super tired so i’ll crash soon!
Meeting Kels and Kym for a day of funnnnn and retardness on tuesday!
Hopefully i’ll get my psp fixed too (T^T)


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