Pictures galore~~

Charlene and I~ Taken in Kyle’s car~

Shit-ass father. Hahah.

This was on the way to sunnybank after our last paper!

Sumi unnie and I.
Saranghae yo!


My legs look skinnier than usual here somehow! :P


Kelda and I LOVEEEEE sumo city sushi.
It’s better with bubble tea ! Already missing it (T__T)

6 of us managed to squeeze into weimin’s rented convertible car.
It was really chio too!
Went to little hongkong and had this HUGE plate of duck noodles.

Sumo sushi the next day again! This time with boost apple and carrot juice!
But something unfortunate happened…

UWA!!!! (T__T)
My crumbed chicken fell out.

Stingray in the aquarium!

I got to touch/harass manymanymnay stingrays and starfishes~
Sea cucumbers are disgusting. Really disgusting. So i didnt touch them at all
When they feel threatened when a predator wants to eat them, THEY VOMIT THEIR INTERTAL ORGANS.
And it grows back.
I’m so not touching it EVER.

I woke up at 6am on the day of flight to pack!
Bought domokun shirt with Kelda at Jayjay’s the other day.
Love it soooo much! Except that its grey :/
Would like it better if it was brown, but oh well.
I’m going to get a domokun bag for sure!




Came hom and saw auntie ah lai made pinapple tarts, a whole box for myself!
She said to put it in my room so my lil brother wont eat it up haha~

Note on the box from mum!

Simpsons sweets I bought at woolies~
Going to give them out to friends!
Had one today and spat it out coz i was really too sour for me (T_T)

I woke up today because of my dad!
Rawrs! He woke me at 9am-ish
To fix his cable and stuff.

I was so confused, I thought I was dreaming and continued to sleep when my maid came in haha.
When I finally woke to, I was in shock, like AHHH! Im really back, aren’t I?!
Meeting Kels and Kym tomorrow for arcade and stuff! Can’t wait!

I wanna go swimming since I really feel fat after eating lots of stuff yesterday and today, but it’s so cold (T_T)
They say if its cold you will burn fat faster, but uwaaa (>_<)


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    joyholic said,

    Hey geri, ur dad woke u up at 9am to fix cables. my mom woke me up at 8am to go for flu jab. :( :( :(

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