K-ON みますので、ケーキたべたい!

While watchin k-on, i can’t help but feel super hungry!
I want to eat cakes!!

Because of that craving I set off to swim a few laps before going out to get cakes!
I only swam for a while cause someone came to clean the pool and it rained… (=___=)||

Will do more crunches later then!

^ This is my “usual” place to watch anime since Monday! Haha.
Stewie is beside me in case I need to hug something and increase my “comfort” level HAHAH. So SIMS3 :P
Pineapple tarts and cornflake cookies from Lai Yi + Locker choco waffer biscuits!

But then I got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes (T_T) So i moved into my room~

2 bottles of habuki C whitening pills. There are side effects! Please be careful!
So far I’m only experiencing a bit of abdominal pains but it went away fast.
I’m cutting down the dosage to 2 pills at night (T_T)
Falsies because I left my stash in Aussie ~
I love the ones at daiso.
Lower falsies for cosplay! [if im going to even cos T_T]
Roller massage to decrease cellulite and tone! But unfortunately my cream is in Aussie (=__=) but i will massage anyway when i’m free!

Cake GET-TO!

There is one more chiffon pandan cake + old chang kee spring roll + soon kueh that is not pictured.
This is tea + dinner~
Ate soon kueh and spring roll at 4pm. Then ate fruit cake  pandan chiffon at 6pm.
I’m sooo stuffed!
I think I’ll give away the other cake (T_T)

I’m really really sleepy now~ (T__T)
Tomorrow I’m meeting Kels and Kym again to fix my psp and kels’ ds + bake!! I can’t wait! I want to make checkered cookies too! I found the mega backing book today! Will attempt to bake if before AFA or EOY!



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