Tomorrow is AFA’09!

I’m not cosplaying for sure, but I will be dressing up and bringing one of my boys along, probably kayden because the rest are sadly still in the cupboards.

One week into Singapore and I love this lifestyle of lazing around haha.
I’m going to get lots of cute bento-making stuff [AGAIN!]
List as follows:
1. macaron maker ****
2. sandwich pocket machine thingy
3. anything else i deem worthy of attention at taka
4. New BIGGER bentou box coz i cant stand my small ones anymore :(

Just checked through my dolls cosutme and I’m always impressed by the workmanship of it (:
Don’t really like the hat though, we’ll see how it looks in photos WHEN MY DAMN WIGS ARRIVE.

I’m going to meet Kymmie at 8am but hopefully with some stroke og magic dust I’ll be awake super early so I can go get grimace for breakfast~~~ (*333*)

Recently I’m in a very “tamaki” mood.
Forgive me if I shout random bouts of “OTOUSANNNN SAYS NO!!” Or something.
Because that’s how Tamaki is haha.

and also like zetsubou sensei, I do say out loudly (at home anyway) “zetsubou da!!!!”
I will control myself tomorrow.

Everyone, please pose nicely for me! :P


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