AFA day 2

Today was really tiring, but it was not too bad!


There were many weird conversations and weirdness throughout:
Random uncle: “hello how are you”
Me: *thought he was talking to Rhoda, thus IGNORED. *
RU: You guys finished your performance already?
M: Huh? Oh no, it’s not a performance
RU: Then what is it you are doing?
M: Cosplay, its just an activity or hobby
RU: Are you from Japan?
M: No
RU: So you Singaporean ar?
M: Yes
RU: You look Japanese!!
M: Haha thanks?
RU: SO this activity from Japan ar?
M: Yes

I was stuck on the escalator talking to him like that (T_T) *zetsubou da*

“站近一点可以吗? Ok, 很好! 谢谢! 很漂亮哦!”

Auntie who took a photo with me and hugged my back hahaha.

3. Dude who kept asking Rhoda and I to do weird shit. There are other photographers too please :( They were all “tsk-ing” when we moved :(

4. While sitting on the ground, leaning against the pillar and avoiding photographer’s shots (dude im resting damn it!) this girl said to the guy, “why dont u take her photo too?” and he replied” 她看起来很累” to which I replied “谢谢 (T__T)” Thanks dude, i really appreciate it! (T_T) He was the ONLY one who seemed to understand my pain haha.

Things that were EPIC FAIL:
1. One side of my NEW contact lense fell out, thankfully though it was the side that i had my eye patched anyway :/ But i was seriously miserable
2. The blue jewel i sticked onto my hat is no where to be found
3. Almost lost my ring
4. Couldn’t go ANYWHERE without a delay of probably 15mins [in my mind it was an hour haha]
5. No energy to go into event hall again to buy gun[found the website anyway, so this is NULL haha]

Things that made me happy:
1. Took 902849283242 pictures with kids
2. Had lots of photos from random photographers.
3. Lower falsies didnt fall out
4. Had longer chat time with cousin
5. Had aunties and grannies take photos of me / with me  D:
6. Because I was friendly and bowed to everyone (who didnt run away anyway), they bowed like 90degrees back at me (some anyway) *happy at acts of courtesy!

Basically if you are not at AFA to :
1. Cosplay
2. Meet up with dorrie friends
3. Snap photos of people

AFA is really seriously boring. (X_X)


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  1. 1

    Jo said,

    Womannnn!! Astons please im hungry, i mean im really hungry right now as im typing this. HAHAHAHA no im not lying

  2. 3

    Jo said,

    why not you let me know? :D

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