more photos found!

But I only like a mere few haha *fussy* This one, I found on FB! Haha~

Photo by: Xeno
Ciel: Parfait Prince
Drocell: Rhoda

Somehow I like my eyes here. Hoho.
but fuck, i really have small eyes. (=_=)
In the past shoot, I was really disappointed that I didn’t open my eyes bigger.
When I give that “I PWN YOU” look Ciel likes to give off, my eyes go smaller (=__=)||
But I’m quite happy with eye makeup this time. Was supposed to try DOLLS makeup test today but I woke up at 3pm and felt sluggish cause of my freaking shoulder (=_=)|||

Facial on Friday!
Going to the doctor’s on Monday to check my hand, I hope it quickly heals!

And dear gun store, please stock up my dessert eagle in silver soon (T_T)

Also OMG i hate it when M day is late, it always means I’ll be in pain for days. *withering now*
First hand, then shoulder now cramps. AHHH!


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