Game game game!

I’m currently really enjoying Kingdom hearts 358/2 on the DS.
Pity some chara seem to have died or something :/
I hope it is certainly not the case.
I’m not really a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, but playing as Roxas seems much better as compared to using Sora in the first game.

I can totally see the whole axel x roxas thing now hahaha.
I was delighted to find that the sound effects for eating icecream is exactly what i hear when I bite into a lime split icecream ! Hahhaa. It’s really cute. Every time they eat, I would purposely turn the volume louder *whacko* Hahhaa.

Not a lot can be said about Dissidia: FF. I thought it had one of the worst game intros EVER. I was suddenly plunging into fighting something .. also the fighting moves are kinda stupid. Perhaps it was the character I used, but Sephy flew really high in the air and I couldnt hit the opponent who can’t seem to fly that high, or liked the idea of flying for that matter. Haha.

Going to give it another shot later~ Or I’ll just dump the game and stick to my tekken 6 hoho.
Soul Calibur like always is fucking easy. I hate the new charas though, Dempire or whatever shit. And the Kovar or whatever. If you get them at the higher difficulty levels, they can be quite imbar. (T_T) Kotar/kovar AIYA GOD OF WAR GUY especially. Wtf man.

As soon as I was back from my morning facial, all I did was play games haha.
Im having a huge headache now because I only slept at 7am. And I woke up at 9am plus to go for facial. Also I couldnt sleep during it as my beautician and I were catching up.

It’s amazing how I even played KH without dying haha. I love the Chrno Gear keyblade! Works freaking wonders!


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