KH ramblings.

Skip away!!
Post is about me being a gamer geek haha.

I’m pretty miffed about the following things in KH 358/2 :
1. WTF Xion. She is kinda useless. From the start till now (I’m at day 171). Once she FORGOT how to use her keyblade and Roxas, the sweet boy (aka me) lent her the keyblade and what was my replacement? A FREAKING STICK. And limited usage of magic. So I pretty much let her do all the work while I whack stuff coming too close to me or when I find she is taking too damn long (which was often). And for the love of all things potato, she can’t jump very well.

2. Why can’t I be paired with Axel more?! I keep getting Xigbar and he is always being annyoing. And his attacks, they are sucking. And of course, I get paired with Xion lotsss. Axel by far = best partner ever.  Xaldin’s not too bad too. I feel safe. HAHAA kidding. But they do better work than others.

3. Why don’t I ever get paired with Luxord? I never seen him fight so I’m kinda curious

4. Why did so many people die so fast ? :/

5. Why are the heartless called heartless when I collect their hearts? I DONT GET IT D: And WE are the ones who apparently dont have hearts, but we are called  “nobodies”…. HUH?

6. Why is Roxas so annoying nice /dumb? I shrieked in anger so many times infront of my DS :( Especially in wonderland. I HATE DISNEY’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND!! For reasons too complex to explain but I seriously hate their version. But anyways, Roxas you are sooo cute but omg stop being kuku-brain ok. *pat*

7. Why can’t Xemnus be my partner? HEHEE. I have a thing for silver-haired villains from FF series haha. Except Loz, he’s one annoying crybaby.

But ahhh KH has it’s hotties too:

The only time I ever see him is during cut-scenes :/


^ Why are you so hot ?

My eyecandy who I dont see often. Because.. .

He died (=_=)
Like within a day playing the game, I found out later he got killed / betrayed blahblahblah.


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