pains of not using ur dominant hand.

im currently using my laptop by typing with my left hand, soley.
but of course sometimes i cheat and use my right hand haha.

so anyways, i have a hairline fracture in my right hand since a month and 10 days ago.
no xrays coz the medication wld be the same. no operation coz its on my hand.
I need to visit a TCM to help with the healing process though.


Thus its gonna be picture post!

On Sunday, parentals + lil bro and I went to Ivins for peranakan food.
Chendol that day sucked!
But everything else was good~


After doctor and lunch and shopping, went to TWG!
Also met Auntie Clara, Olivia and Angelica there too~
It’s a small world afterall~~~

The service = excellent!
They could almost make it to be a butler cafe HAHAH.

Black nectar tea!
Almost had White Knight Tea, but decided that would be WAYYYY TOO geekish HAHA.

Saw this and decided it was really pretty and I ordered it.
It’s like a HUGE macaron!


Mum’s scones on the top and MORE macaroons for me hehe.
Chocolate + Caramel~

Today’s dinner (*3*)/:

Beauty GET-TO! :

Anna sui perfume for someone else though, the cleanser is for my mum~
First time getting 2 bags at one go ~
I like the vintage box but its like $45+ for NOTHING BUT A BOX.

Really like this!

New foundation sample the kind counter lady threw in ~

Also bought popteen and s cawaii even though i have yet to finish the previous issues, but popteen sells out fast, so better grab it while I could~
I’m thinking of getting BB cream from etude house hmmm.



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