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I’m watching tegami bachi even though I should be sleeping as I have to wake up at 4am, but omg it’s really touching and stuff. Cried don’t know how many times.

But omg I’m so annoyed at how BIG BIG BIG BIG a crybaby Lag Seeing is!
He never fails to cry all the time in every episode.
At least I just tear like 2-3 episodes apart.


Will be back on the 2nd of January (i think)
See you all then!

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DOD is pure evil


My gawd.
It’s like a DOD Ducan and a DOD Lahoo mix!
Or even a T.sha and Lahoo mix!

IT’S TOTALLY MY STYLE. HAHAHA. It’s also fits the description of one my characters = Toshi!
Crap, just when I thought, hmm.. I’ll save for a Rosen Lied boy now or get a tender sha head, another hyul or even my volks A head!
Doesn’t help that I’m like super broke. Shit.
If I sell :
1. cosplay outfits
2. btssb stuff
3. maybe another doll
AND save like mad..
I’ll probably be able to get him.. but ahhh (>_<)

The body is double jointed, looks like it anyways from the elbow joint.. I’m not fond of double jointed bodies, but I guess it’s looking not too bad. I need a manlier doll anyways. (T_T)

This is really bad bad bad.
I even decided not to buy from DOD coz of the crap quality Tatsuya came in… (T_T)

argh DOD whyyy!
Why did I even click into DOA (T_T)

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beautiful dirty rich

doesn’t everyone want to be a rich rich girl?
how i wish i was a rich rich girl.

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like a broken doll.
arms torn apart but with a sick smile on its face, stuck forever.
a button for an eye and red stitches for the other.
dressed so prettily but clothes stained with filth it makes you shudder.

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Jun is seriously one of my favourite models in popteen and popsister! (*3*)

I did a tut today and tried on new contacts from freshlook!
Really love the new colour! Gemstone green!
Works super well for my cos too!

I hate how one of my eyes turn small and squinty (=_=)
Going to get lower lashes soon!
Hope to cos either Riku or Rami for SOY10!

Granny cooked seasme paste tangyuan for me today!
Apparently it’s some tangyuan festival or something.
Love it!! Hehe~ I’m super touched! Can’t wait to eat her awesomesauce chicken curry too!

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marche gathering!

When out with mum, auntie liana and Joy to Marche at 313!

Was super bored waiting for everyone to arrive. For the first time I was early!
It’s only because I had to mail out stuff though haha.


Love it!

Savoury crepe!

We also had pizza, chicken & mash and mushroom soup ( only the mums did ) too!

^ Obviously PSed photo coz my mum takes pictures and makes us all FAT.. well our arms anyway =_=|||

“Tea”.. or more like breaktime was the usual at 4ish! Haha so zhun too!
Had marvelous cream icecream! Finally gotten to try it! Hehe.

Went to wheelock and couldnt resist buying some stuff!
Im on a mad buying spree its freaking ridiculous!!
But the keychain (on the left) was kiki from lil twin stars and it was COOKIE shaped! and on sale.
It’s so justified! Hahaha. Dont know why I got the candy replica set though =_=|| I think it’s also cause I desperately want to have a yo-sd doll booth soonish :/

Had cheequeh for dinner!
Yumyum-ness for the whole day!
Feel sinful and phat now :(

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mr.curry + walking mayhem

Finally tried out Mr. Curry with taichou!
The salmon tasted of the sea, so not so good.
I wanna try cutlet sandwiches next time! (^3^)

Unfortunate but my nose is peeling and is really dry!

I also have a freaking dot on my nose!! Facial scar :(

Pressies from taichou!
I cant stand DEAD SPACE!! Argh!!! I had a nightmare when I havent even played it but watched my bros play :(
I love little big planet though!
Also taichou got me a chirping CHOCOBO!! Hehehehee.
But i left it with him coz i had no space in my bag then forgot to take it when i boarded the bus :(

Fun day nonetheless!
Still thinking about buying the tomato / banana diet book! Though its in chinese ORZ

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