dimsum & movie

Went out with Steve, Weimin, Kelda and Steve’s 2 friends yesterday.
We had dimsum buffet!
Which was a bit disappointing coz I couldnt eat a lot due to smaller appetite (T_T)

After which we went to catch case 39.

Man that show made me jump 3 times out of the 5 times they scared the audience with the sudden sound effects.
Also some death scenes were gross! Hornets coming out of your body is fucking gross please!

But it was a good show nonetheless though extremely predictable.

I snoozed for more than 2 hours today and thus is stuck at home due to rain.
Going to the post office tomorrow to send out stuff and then come home to style wig and practice makeup.

Hand is getting slightly better, I can type with 2 hands today heehee.

No more gamer-lifestyle for a while, thus I’m seriously bored beyond my mind !


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