After spending, I don’t know maybe 1-2 hours styling the wiggy…

It’s still not done yet coz I need to flop it on my head to re-syle and cut.
Especially the bangs. (@_@)
And then need to test it with the hat.

It’s actually pretty fun to style and stuff!! Hehe~
I feel accomplished! My first attempt to cut and style hurhur~

Dad came in a few moments ago and saw said wig on the table and exclaimed “EH! YOU HAVE A WIG AR!”
Me: “Yeah dad…. I have er.. many? *points to stack of new wigs (in bags) on table*”
D: OH! I didn’t know! [huh, but you KNOW I cosplay! haha] Good! I want to borrow one! But first I want to borrow a mouse!
Me: * freaking out at this point* Huh what for?
D: I have a party to attend then I wanted to rent a wig, but it was $80!
Me: Ok… What colour?
D: …Hmmm *stares at wighead* blonde would be good!
Me: Huh (T_T) but my blonde wigs can’t be borrowed, I need them!
D: … huh… *looks at ciel wig*
Me: *freaking out in my head*
D: Anyways I want to borrow a mouse! Do you have one?
Me: Yup *hands extra mouse that he likes* I can give it to you coz I bought an extra one in Australia.
D: Huh really? Give me ar? really ar? so good! hehehee.
Me: *staring at old pile of wigs in closet*
D: Ok dont give me the wig now. i just want a mouse, ok bye!

I don’t think my dad will EVER take care of my wigs (T_T) The only ones I can “spare” are really long ones that no doubt he will tangle (T_T) *sad is me* Maybe I’ll sacrifice one of my ciel wigs (T_T)

Photo by baracus!
Interesting angle haha~


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