stalker mode ON!

So.. I had nothing to do and needed some motivation, so I went to search for some of the Royal Servant butlers who also cosplay~
Found of course, Leon and AAA pretty fast on cure.
They do really impressive cosplays!! (*3*) *in awe*
Then went to see おじゅん@散華 the butler I initally went GAGA over.
He’s good too! His past cosplays were not too good (as of our past T_T i have cosplays I never want to see again) but he’s really good now!
And he is HELLA cute as a butler neways haha.

Couldnt find 秋 as it is unclear if he is even cosplaying or not :/ and that name is wayyyy too common haha.
I think some like Runa and Asake are like from visual kei indie bands or something, they really give out that type of feeling haha~

I really want to go Japan! I will continue to study on my own for now (T_T)


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