It’s be here!!
My bday + xmas pressie from mum and dad! *gandong*

I CANNOT resist gingerbread man/ cookies shaped in cute little boys.
No i’m not paedo coz i like to eat ’em.
I bought 5, one for each family member hehe~

Acupuncture aftermath.
Can’t see it clearly, but my index finger was super swollen and I had red dots in my hand.
It hurt like fuck.
I had about 10 needles sticking into my hand and she hit a vein so yeah I was in agony for a full 30mins.
If she stuck in another 10 more I would have seriously teared.
I thought halfway I was going delirious haha.
Well, it’s preparation for tattooing I guess? Haha.

She pressed way hard at places that hurt and asked “pain?”
If yes, in a fucking needles goes.

She’s also fucking chorlor, so everything hurt like a bitch.
Even cleaning with alcohol D:

I’m not EVER going to go again!
Screw the sessions man.
WTF. Twice a week! That aint happening kthnkbye. (T_T) /tamaki emo

My hand was doing fine today too!
Until the acupuncture, I couldnt move it for an hour.

Have to avoid chili and cold drinks.
FML :(


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