giddy with love

My mum took this picture cause she thought it was very amusing.

Today I went out with my fam to watch a movie and to have buffet dinner.
Not much but I ate a lot so I’m feeling extremely guilty :(
Before that Kymmie came over and passed me CARAMEL CORN!! And honey cluster flakes or something.
It was good !
We played a bit of borderlands before I had to go :(

My younger brother can NEVER take a proper picture with me :(
The condition of my face is very bad, I will need to go for a facial soon.

Ahhh with all the sashimi, prata and icecream I’ve eaten today, how would I ever cos this:

Well, I can dream haha~

Even though my elder brother said no and teased me about it 2131123421423 times about not getting me cinnamon roll, he got me one today.

Bigger than last year’s eeyore!!
This was despite me telling him I want a small one.
I really hope it didn’t cost too much!
Surprising he even remembered what cinnamon roll looks like haha.

I really like cinnamon roll! Hehe~
I want to buy twin stars teapot set when I save up proper~
Cute tea with cute characters hohoho.


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