im so so so so happy!

Even though I’m upset I’m getting older, I had a fucking surprise today!!
As I was doing my CV and looking at stuff, Kymmie, Kels, Kelly, Steve and Wei Min surprised the crap outta me when they came over at midnight for my birthday.

And shitty Steve videoed the whole thing.
Argh stab me now hahaha.
Wear until so lok kok film what film sia hahaha.

But i was seriously surprised, like WTF?! I would have never expected it!
Family members who were involved, you and me are gonna talk real soon.
Esp Kor! Your face and my hand!

Anyways we chatted to wee hours of the morning even though I kept suggesting they leave early (T_T)
Thanks guysssss!
Got lotsa wonderful pressies and the world’s cutest cards ! Hahhaa.
Especially my nuers who planned everything, IM GLAD I PICKED YOU ALL FROM RUBBISH BIN HAHA.
Loves u all!!

So happy they remembered like things I mentioned like transparent umbrella and my squishy pa-n from actioncity woo!!
Thanks so much guys (T_T)

Also had people wish me on FB and text msgs, and andrenana got me a patrick star plushie and also cooked dinner. Thanksss a mil guys!


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