^ I like this style!

I want to purchase popsister! (TT____TT)
It has tsubasa and jun (*3*)

Will check at kinokuniya if they can order it in~~

I also want to buy 289748237472342 things in HK! (*3*) :
oo1. straw hat
oo2. denim skirt
003. denim jeans
oo4. black pants
oo5. suspenders
oo6. many spectacles
oo7. makeup products [jill stuart!! (*3*)]
oo8. nail deco accessories
009. Accessories [necklace, bangles, bracelets~]
010. other types of hats~
011. denim shorts

But after shanghai and HK trip, i’m going to work for one month… for free (TT___TT)
I just enrolled in my units for the whole year.
I can’t take a Japanese elective (T__T) I took PR techniques instead.
But mother thinks it’s more useful, but … 55555 (T_T)


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