marche gathering!

When out with mum, auntie liana and Joy to Marche at 313!

Was super bored waiting for everyone to arrive. For the first time I was early!
It’s only because I had to mail out stuff though haha.


Love it!

Savoury crepe!

We also had pizza, chicken & mash and mushroom soup ( only the mums did ) too!

^ Obviously PSed photo coz my mum takes pictures and makes us all FAT.. well our arms anyway =_=|||

“Tea”.. or more like breaktime was the usual at 4ish! Haha so zhun too!
Had marvelous cream icecream! Finally gotten to try it! Hehe.

Went to wheelock and couldnt resist buying some stuff!
Im on a mad buying spree its freaking ridiculous!!
But the keychain (on the left) was kiki from lil twin stars and it was COOKIE shaped! and on sale.
It’s so justified! Hahaha. Dont know why I got the candy replica set though =_=|| I think it’s also cause I desperately want to have a yo-sd doll booth soonish :/

Had cheequeh for dinner!
Yumyum-ness for the whole day!
Feel sinful and phat now :(


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