mr.curry + walking mayhem

Finally tried out Mr. Curry with taichou!
The salmon tasted of the sea, so not so good.
I wanna try cutlet sandwiches next time! (^3^)

Unfortunate but my nose is peeling and is really dry!

I also have a freaking dot on my nose!! Facial scar :(

Pressies from taichou!
I cant stand DEAD SPACE!! Argh!!! I had a nightmare when I havent even played it but watched my bros play :(
I love little big planet though!
Also taichou got me a chirping CHOCOBO!! Hehehehee.
But i left it with him coz i had no space in my bag then forgot to take it when i boarded the bus :(

Fun day nonetheless!
Still thinking about buying the tomato / banana diet book! Though its in chinese ORZ


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