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When I look at my past photos (yes those make-up free ones) I sometimes get a shock like:


And if you know my akamaru D: icon, yes that expression haha.

I wonder if it’s because my perception of what’s pretty has tweaked and I can no longer accept my past “self-definition” of pretty .. hmmmm..

I’m still coughing pretty badly today.
I wonder when this madness will stop cause I would like to eat chilli and fried food lots ):


Photo by: Richard
Colour edit: Riko

I honestly cant stand the orange, I tried colour balance like mad but it was also messing with my wig colour :/
Obviously I need to understand colour editing better haha.
I think my face looks fat but I’m not editing a thing. Hahaha.

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SOY’B over!

In the end, after praying I’ll be ok, I went to SOY’B!

Some upsetting things:
1. Parents haven’t left the house at 10am so I couldnt get ready [I canceled appointment for this doctor thing and my dad wasnt too pleased so he shldnt know I was cosplaying haha]
2. Aforementioned scenario caused me to miss the shiseido talk :(
3. Stupid comfort taxi didnt get me a taxi after all that waiting! SMRT wins and was fast and efficient
4. Happy M day =___=
5. Didn;t find mic
6. Didnt use clipboard in the end
7. SOYB was boring, a bit too small

Good things:
1. Caught up with kura!!!
2. Had a photoshoot outside with Richard, Nicholas and others[ sorry totally didnt remember all your names (;3;)
3. Didn’t faint though I thought I might puke cause I was still a bit sick and it was way hot

Unforgettable moments:
1. When this girl chased me and requested for a photo and closeup (no!!! my pimple scar T_T but i did it anyway coz she was so nice and cute!!)
2. When someone took a photo and asked which character I was from I said it’s from a manga called dolls… *laugh* by naked age *laugh* I don’t know why but I thought it was a bit embarrassing after saying it out loud haha. ITS NOT HENTAI OK. Hahah
3. Meeting livingdeadbunny though for a short while! (^^)
4. Doing a shoot standing on a freaking bench (=_=)
5. WHen my feet felt like it ws burning after taking off boots and wearing them again D: why is that? D:

Will upload pics when they come!
And I hope soon!

I did faceup for my girl halfway and cldnt find my gloss and acrylic paint (=_=)
So I stopped there and now I really feel tired (x_X) my legs shake when I stand hahaa.

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arghhh sick!

My illness got so much worse today!
Just woke up from napping and had dinner.

What a terrible day!
I wasted one full day to sleep (T___T)

Not sure if im going to go soyb tomorrow. How upsetting.

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this sick feeling


Thankfully I don’t have a headache but my throat feels like sandpaper and I keep sniffing and coughing omg :(
I hope I’m not getting a flu or something!
I’m trying to prepare for SOYB and I want to paint my girl!

Then again maybe I can take MC hhaha.

I got my Liz Lisa dress form Rika! New with tags too!!
I got it cheap at $40! It was retailing at SGD130 but the catch is, it’s from a lucky pack~
Still, my first liz lisa dress! *swoons*

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oh crap

Is this going to be possible on Saturday ?
I think..erm… no. (T_T)
But I’ll wake up extra early to try it out on Sat (>_>);

That’s Heki from Korea btw~

She’s my new “idol” haha.

I did something silly last night washing my falsies….
One of it…
Fell in.

Thankfully its not the dollywink ones though.

The weight I lost the past week gained back within a week (X-X)

3 days straight, I had Japanese food for dinner. Last night was Indonesian food.

I wonder if it’s the lack of sleep but my makeup skills (or lack thereof) has gone really crappy recently.
Or maybe my eye condition is really bad D:
I’ve been using clinique’s eye cream just this week and i think it works wonders! I told the counter lady my problem with my eye area due to putting falsies almost everyday and sometimes it gets really irritated so she suggested this expensive (but not really so) eye cream that helps reduce swelling/itchiness and IT DOES! Unlike my $90 eye serum from facial salon which works for my parents but not me ORZ.

Have to stock up on skincare before flying to aussie soon!
I also want to purchase a mascara today :D
That and boots, and oh, meeting the seller of the liz lisa dress today~ :D
Forgot to take $$ from my mum for the dress coz its for CNY though (x_X)
Also I finally bought pastels and brushes yesterday! I’ll do my best on Sat! (T_T)

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toilet revelations

I discover / remember a lot of things when I’m in the toilet (At ‘home’ anyway, meaning spore home and aussie apartment).
It’s so odd and frustrating!!

One time it was really good cause when I went to pee (read drank too much green tea) I had a sudden slap of creative intelligence and changed my copywriting idea and got a distinction!

Today I realised:
1. WTF I didnt get boots for my cosplay yet [nor my mic or optional clipboard or optional files]
2. I bought yoghurt and didnt eat them

Small, but really jaw dropping problems


I keep thinking soyb is on sunday!


P.S Dear kymmie, WALAO SO TRAUMATISING YOUR EVENING. I hope you is stop thinking about it. (T___T) And you is did good thing and made sure woman passenger was ok.That motorcylists are all whacked seriously. Smoke somemore. At the fringe of death still smoke. KNS.

THATS WHY I DONT WANNA DRIVE! Even if you are careful, other people who are not careful can still hurt you.
WHen I told my dad what Kymmie saw cause they were all staring at me while I was on the phone, he then proceeded to tell me ALL his sightings of road accidents.

Esp one of this school kid getting hit by a taxi and flew.

So saddd arghhh

*does mental tetris*

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dolly wink review!

No.1 and No.6

Review under cut to save your eyessss
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