iPhone pics first!

So, I’m back from Shanghai and HK!
Already missing HK but it’s good to be back to talk to friends and my family!
Since I’m lazy as hell, gonna post iPhone pics first which kinda has nothing to do with the trip HAHAHA.

^ We got upgraded to business class!
My first time!
But I was so freaking tired all I did was sleep and eat (X_X);

The last day we had roast goose [my favourite!] in this super famous restaurant that we had to queue 45mins for (=_=) one whole goose cost sgd99! This was just half a goose.

I bought only 3 magazines during the trip since my bag was kinda heavy and stuffed to the brim :/
First Cutie magazine I got came with a care bear towel D: [at least i think thats what it is!]

Because I was in a horrid mood one day and came across Okashi Land, which is like a big Japanese confectionery store, my mum bought me cute bunny eclairs to take back home~

Got them in Shanghai!
I had other stuff like PB’s chocolate pudding and cake which was super good.
I SQUEALED when i saw the store!
It has 2pm’s poster outside!
Bought one set of cookies for Kymmie (=3=)

Hair treatment and dying of my hair!
Look at this!!!:

hahhaa it’s like a freaking mushroom!

It’s so KARMA.
I was laughing at my mum when she had this ballooning thing on her head.
15mins later I had one on mine too. HAHHAHA.

So ridiculous I had to snap a pic !
I dont know why my arms look like sticks in here.

The stylist blow dried my hair and made my curls so cute and bouncy ! (*A*)
Of course, this will going last ONE day :/

The hair is now in an even tone of chocolate brown. [It was so hideous before!]
Not too light, not too dark. It’s not bad really.
Wanted to get it lighter but didnt want to have ugly hair in Aussie when my roots show :/

I’m so getting a blow dryer so I can maintain my annoying curls! (>_<)


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