Always have faith

Jesus is really my saviour.
In times when I feel inferior or useless, I pray and things get better.

Neways been working at Dentsu Singapore. It’s my third day already.
This is despite NOT receiving approval YET from my academic supervisor!!

What the hell is taking her so long! Roars!!

Today while doing my makeup I realised, OMG I bought A LOT of pink stuff from HK.
Still too lazy to charge camera and upload photos, maybe another day!
I’m super sad I’m gaining weight and fast.
I think I will skip lunch now.
Lunch is always so heavy (T_T) then dinner is even more heavy coz my parents always have dinner and my mum doesnt really like it when I don’t eat.

Initally I wanted to buy Liese’s bubble foam dye to Aussie incase my roots show up (ok. not incase, WHEN they show up) but I’ve discovered something better! Palty hair dye! And it’s also partly coz 2 popteen models are endorsing it. I LOVEEE TSUBASA.
So currently my top 3 models: Tsubasa, Jun and Kumiko~ (*3*)

I want to buy Palty, Dolly wink and other products Tsubasa uses / designs.
I almost bought Gilfy hats but they were like $60-90 :/

If my dad was there with me I prolly could have walked away with boots Tsubasa designed :( but no… dad be stuck in Sogo. [SOGO also has Liz Lisa but it was ridiculously priced! Kumickey T_T]

I love Tsubasa’s range of Edwin jeans! I RAN to the Edwin section in HK”s SOGO and found ZERO Tsubasa-designed goods.
Sad be me.


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