There’s a japan uni fair on the 14th but I have work (=___=)
Can someone slap me please?

I’m going to email another person in QUT to find out what’s wrong with my academic supervisor. (=_=)

I’m tired and don’t want to go to work tomorrow (T_T)
Going to pack fruits and salad for lunch though~

Bought lotsa cute stuff from daiso!
Had a vodka allergic attack last night.
Usually martinis are ok and my dad said he drank one recently and he was fine…So I ordered one to share with my lil bro… and later onwards I had difficulties breathing (;3;)

I took some of my dad’s asthma pill thingum and was okay after drinking a lot of water.
However my heart was beating wayyyy too fast for me to do anything.
It was like having a panic attack (=_=)

Couldn’t sleep the whole night and didn’t even had energy to use the computer (T_T) [my mblaq!]

Woke up in the morning feeling much better thankfully!

What a scare.
I never had that feeling. Dad said every allergic attack will get worst :/
So I’m staying off alcohol unless its beer (T_T)


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