gamer geek 8D

I’m looking forward to playing:
1. Bayonetta (360)
2. L4d2 [Word is my elder bro just bought it !]
3. KH: birth by sleep (PSP) [hell, i’ll even get the jap ver]
4. Heavy rain
5. FF13
6. FF13 versus

Of course other PSP and DS games, far too many to list.

but totally broke.
Will see how I do tomorrow, if I see it in stores!

I have no time to play though.
I havent even completed tekken 6, borderlands, little big planet, dynasty warriors, and I’m moving on to a new game?! *face palm* I will spend my weekends doing so!

I’m thinking of bringing the ps3 over to aussie since i havent played most of my games yet T_T

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