Woorinara days

At woorinara LONG time back with Kels, Lyn and Kym!

^ Sorry non-woorinara, but I was bored after work.

Went there again Thursday after Uni talk!

Drennaaaaa~! Who is super cutee and mad. [WTF WAS DOOT DOOT DOOT!! HAHA]
Kym’s lousy camwhore skills made us phat :( HAHA
but it’s ok, I STILL LUBS YOU.

If I can find a similar pair tomorrow, I’ll prolly get one more!

I went to Woorinara again!! They should give me some membership discount or something!
Ridiculous how many times I patronise the store!! Haha. I bet they are so sick of my face haha.

Going out tomorrow for brunch with Joel and shopping with Jo.
I’m having second thoughts about brunch but I feel bad I keep running away :/


Posting shanghai and HK pics tmr coz i’m mad lazy~~~


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    your cutest daughter said,

    omg ahnia! where is you buy the specs! like a cute only. LOL BTW I SO HAPPY I CAN EAT SO MANY THINGZ

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