At work and feeling reallllllyy hungry now! Despite having light breakfast and chowing on a small bunny bread and 2 caramelised biscuits :(

Anyways heeded the Mother’s advice to go around “dating” just to see if I found out more about the person, it will entice me to date him for real / like him or something. So I accepted a brunch date yesterday that turned out quite decent and nice, to my surprise seeing as though we were mere accquitances.

 Round 2 is a no deal though. I felt like I had to squeeze my brain for topics while said date stared blankly at me :/ and he drove so slow I wanted to take over the wheel and drive (though i had no license) haha.

It was nice though coz he looked out for me, picked me up, sent me to where ever the hell I wanted, ate whatever I wanted, was on time, paid for lunch and blah.

But we would be better as friends.
Our lunch topics were odd and Im surprised he hasnt ran away yet haha.

Later I met Jo! Super miss her lots haha.
Went shopping though to my dismay only gotten 1 pair of flats and a top.
We had tea then went off to find cosmetics~~ Sadly it was too expensive and I coudnt find my makeup case thingum thing.

I liked mac’s lace-makeup range thingum though.
May decide to give MAC a second chance with their eyeshadows haha.

I get really annoyed with the elder bro and the father recently.
The only male in the family with good qualities I love and will buy cookies/food for is my younger brother….. and my dog.

Im really thankful about my 3 day school week 8D
Love love love!
Thinking of getting a part time job to fund my Japan trip with Kymmie in 2011! Totally cant wait!


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    Jo said,

    Had a great time w you yesterday too! :D
    Loved the gift, the box is already resting on my dressing table filled w my cosmetics HAHA

    See ya sooonnnnnnnn! <3

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