danish diet

I lost weight :D
But not enough :/

But my fav jeans from H&M is really loose now.
I wonder how my boyfriend jeans will fit even with a belt. Ack.

I was reading allkpop and how KARA’s Nicole quickly lost her weight was via a Danish Diet [nothing to do with the pastry *EMO*] I googled it and it’s a freaking strict diet D:

13 days in total and you MUST fall through if not you have to wait 3 -6 months to start over again @_@

I doubt I’ll ever accomplish this in S’pore, so it’s something I’ll plan to do in Aussie. Where food is fresher neways~

Yesterday was a freaking horrible day.
I thank Jesus for saving me from myself.
As always faith never fails me in times of need, all you have to remember is just pray.

I’m feeling dorky today coz I didnt wear contacts and is in casual wear. So… dorky + lazy :(

Cant wait to eat awesome sandwich again!
I’m semi-following the banana diet.
If I’m hungry I’ll just eat a banana and drink lotsa water.

Gonna see if I can subsitute dinner with better foods. Last night, no doubt I had an angel cake from bread talk and a banana at 5pm, it was all I ate and I was really full after :D

This morning I resisted the bread and ate a boild egg and banana~ Though that type of banana tastes odd.

Future Geri better appreciate the crap I’m doing through!


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