the lacking collector

I was super bored, went onto DOA, resisted buying dolls and then went to read up on faceups again. I cant find a proper faceup artist who will do the faeup on time (T_T)

I initially booked a slot with meeve but it didnt fall through since it wont be on time :(

I’m going to attempt this myself /BIGGASP
I think recently im more artistically inclined HAHAHA.
So I’ll try again and also I bought wrong brushes last time so it didnt work. I have to get a coarse one in order for the pastel to stick (>_<)

I must also get my girl her wig and eyes and ALSO find her clothes coz honestly i have no recollection of where I stored them (if I did at all)
I was looking back at my other pictures of my dolls and its so hard to part with some. I re-looked at other owners’ lance and think “why isnt mine like that (T_T)”

I’ll try one more time to bond with him if not, he goes right up for sale ): and i wont regret!

… i hope?

I have ben so out of both cospaly and doll scenes lately I feel so lacking haha. Maybe it’s time to hold a meet up? D:


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    Sandra said,

    Yesh suu…. MEET PLZ xDDD I’m rotting way too much at home lol

    Jia you in the faceup it was super hard especially starting with a tiny…

    Maybe we should have a faceup meet hahaha…

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