doll weekend

Look at this! Code no.2 is really hot stuff! They should give him a better name though (=_=)
For a moment I panicked coz I read it was limited.
Only Cross Match version is limited so I’m safe coz I don’t like DOI bodies. The new DOT body looks good.

He looks good with blonde hair too omg *3*  I want to buy that wig for Kaya! Rawrs.

Doll rant behind a cut to save your eyes and people bored of my doll rants haha.

Code no.2 will stall my plans for :
1. Rosen lied boy (unless i find it on doa)
2. School A
3. Hyul
4. El twins (something in me refuses to get them yet >_>;)

It also prompts to consider selling:
1. Kaya, my dreaming lishie – to get a new lishie and modify him so no one will EVER look like him *annoyed at all the blatant copycats*
2. Roka, my Karon – in favour of Karen though I dont like ordering from kdoll and dont see him ever on the market @_@ so its plausible he stays
3. My crobidoll lance, who i dont bond with and its a pity coz hes such a pretty mold 
4. Youji, my crobidoll yeon-ho – if i get code no.2 personalities will be the same and I see no point in that cause my dolls reflect distinct personalities :/
So if I think about it…
The only dolls not getting sold EVER:
1. Tatsuya, DOT ducan [1st doll]
2. Charity, Soom Glot [coz shes limited and so adorable even when she has no face Plus! she comes with horns and hooves :D]

Hikaru, my hyul, there where many occassions that I wanted to sell him away but I’m planning bigger and better things for him in future~ (*3*) But he is still not in the honourary “safe” zone. Haha.

I’m such a bad collector if my dolls were alive, they would throw stones at me haha (.__.)

I’ve decided to dedicate my weekend to dolls.
New photos if I get inspiration! and also lots of crafting.

I’m going to head down to the bead stores in Chinatown to work on a commission.
Someone on DOA msged me ystday, tyring to find a seller who did rose eyepatches and wondered if it was me. So I replied with photos and she was estatic that I was the right one (*3*)/ I’m flattered people remember my works because my thread on Doa was deleted [ I didnt port the thread over to the new section (@_@)]
I’ll try my best to do some custom work for her (^-^) She wants it Ciel-inspired so I’m excitied cause as everyone knows, I love Ciel (=3=)

I’ll be coming back next week with a debut of  new line:
Macaron Mayhem for cuter and sweet stuff~

I’ve already bought some charms and I’m considering keys, birdcages, ribbons, merry-go-rounds [but it was expensive (X_X)] maybe even some fabric buttons and new scarves [have to use the sewing machine before it gets neglected and i get nagged at].

Going to showcase more eyepatches in various styles~!
Despite news of people copying and blah, I hope people recognise my works when they see them [like Kit~! (^-^) ]

Can’t wait to start work on the crafts and my girl’s faceup!
Going to shop for wigs now~ Hoho~~


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  1. 1

    Jie Qi said,

    Gosh, i followed from Deviantart all the way here. Didn’t know that you had a new blog! 8D
    Anw, Glad to see that Tatsuya’s not going!! @_@;; hahaha, i like the part about them being alive and throwing stones. :P

    yeah!! you should totally continue your dolly accessories! yay for keys! *A*
    and…totally lol at the kaya copies. :3

    • 2

      narikodesu said,

      haha !! thanks! in the end i decided to push back the new line since im really busy with work but next week i’ll prolly release it and sell before CNY and all haha

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