I’m too lazy to upload Shanghai/ HK photos, maybe another day *yawns*

iPhone pic update!

Furry pen from Etude House! They were giving door-gifts~ The other time I’ve gotten free masks~~ I’m going back to buy teir brushes soon!

I saw it in a magazine at work!
Sephora beauty box!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m nt sure if their eyeshadows are good, cause I’m really disappointed with their cream concealers.
But omg so many colours!! Obviously bobbi brown > sephora but BB has sold out their 200+ eyeshadow collection :(

Ikemegu in SCawaii!!
I love how she can model boy-style so well! And omg her legs are soooo longgg.

Beach road (actually now on Kitchner road) scissor-cut curry rice!

I don’t like curry rice but this is seriously awesomesauce !

I like Por lor baos! But OMG it is bad at this HK cafe at Ngee Ann City.
The lime + plum juice was awesome though!

Look at the heart-shaped cake! I like it! It has like pinkish “roses” on it~
Yes this is a pointless post with pictures haha~


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