wind and water

Didn’t do my girl’s faceup in the end :(
I had to go to the memorial to pay respect to late grandparents, facial, fengshui consult and blahblahblah.

What a disappointment!
I’m going to get jewellery stuff tomorrow though since I have to go back on my own maybe some clay too.
Brushes and pastels will have to wait another day unless my dad’s late again tonight~

As for the fengshui consult, things are NOT looking good for me this year (T_T) This is based on date of birth, name yada yada. I’m an Earth snake but my Earth element is very weak. I’m more like MUD haha! Thus I need more fire elements.

˜First half of the year (Chinese calendar) I’ll have a lot of disputes with people [I HATE THAT! RAWRS]

˜In Lunar July (whats lunar july haha) I’ll find love though. BUT! I apparently will love him more than he loves me.

˜Need to wear red/pink/orange/yellow when having examinations

˜Get amethyst gem

˜Go outdoors more [NO! I DONT WANNA BE TANNED :(]

˜Health is OK

˜Must eat more tomatoes, carrots and radish

˜Need more sleep. The more sleep I get = better life for self ! Hehe 8D

˜Avoid black and white colours [(=___=) not paying attention to that!]

Overall it’s a superrrr taxing year [obviously coz im gonna graduate!] but it will pass extremely fast for me

Job occupations I should look into: Media, Advertising, IT [HAHAAA wtf my lil bro was so excited about it], Property and 2 others I cant remember.

But as superstitions go, you should always take it with a pinch of salt!


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    kellyhosanna said,

    lol, interesting.. I think I’m of fire element, hang out with me more LOL

    oooh, can’t wait to see who’s gonna be ur prince charming ;)

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