I had to do a survey for my mum’s colleague last night and take photos of my bag and yada yada. I like helping in surveys cause I know the utter pain of getting people to do them haha.

Some questions!:

When are you most happy : When it’s raining and I’m at home about to fall asleep or with hot milo listening to the pitter patters

What’s your biggest fear : Losing loved ones [.. actually i wanted to say Death. But I thought it would be too emo-y haha]

 Any heroes? : No but if it helps, my favourite villain is cat woman

Best advice you’ve been given : “You need more sleep. Sleep more and it will be better for you.” – Feng Shui consultant last Sunday.

Best thing about being your age : There is no best thing about being 20; I have a Peter-Pan syndrome

What will the world be like when I’m 30 : Catastrophic

What WILL the world be like 10 years later? HMMM….

Going to eat ramen later ! Can’t wait! It’s a new store at central~! Went to Ma Maison yesterday and omg tonkatsu, hamburger steak and crab roe ramen = HEAVEN. THough I’ll rather have tonkatsu than beef.

Found out tontom has closed down (T^T) Uberr sad :(


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