My semster grades are starting out really fucking crappy!

I’m going to put in extra work for the rest even though I’m super not motivated coz my AS is really some slacky person (>_<)

I hope my other units go well :(
NOT looking forward to going back to Brissy :/
Except maybe for bubble tea and sushi and pancakes.


The only happy thing was today after waking up from sleep in the car [too tired to go breakfast again] I saw a cat on the dustbin sleeping too! It was next to me! Superrr cute! Nyannyan =3=

I start to think if I’m a cat person… hmm.

^ also, this is pokan sorbet I got with colleagues~!
These days we keep having food at work haha!
The other day was some Jap sweet thing, today it’s pineapple cake with yolk AND chocolate cake which I rejected :(


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