dolly wink review!

No.1 and No.6

Review under cut to save your eyessss
The other day, I went to Watsons at Ngee Ann City to ge the ever raved about, Dolly Wink eyelashes from ex-popteen model and current popsister model Tsubasa Masuwaka in collaboration with Koji! Almost bought them online through Y!J and shopping service, so imagine my utter surprise when I found out they were here on Singapore shores!

If you remember Koji, they also produce Spring Heart lashes, which is nothing much to shout about.

No. 1

The lashband is transparent and very flexible, I kinda dislike that. The whole lash itself is wayyyy long. You definitely have to cut it to your eye size. I cut mine a little [ like i usually do ] and it was still too long (X_X).

The design however is the MAIN point for dollywink lashes.
Being a POP model, they use about 1-6 different lashes at the same time because the normal lashes don’t fit right or give the impact they want. Lazy people, like me, can’t be bothered to mix and match lashes and snip them to fit. Dolly wink answers such bothersome calls.

Just some points:
❚ The end of the lashes flares out extremely well!
❚ Instant gyaru lashes!
❚ The glue was a mess to handle and to clean! I’m sticking to my good ole duo glue.
❚ Cleaning the lashes DROVE me NUTS. My neck crammed when I looked down at the sink trying to get rid of most of the glue.
❚ If you are messy with your glue [ i was in a rush so it got messy] the transparent band SHOWS it. So you have to be careful.
❚ Because of it’s weak / flexible band, it fits your eye shape but due to that, storing the lash band is super important! If not you will have problems the next time you use it.

Picture wearing it:

Sorry it’s not a real close up or anything :(
But you can see how long the lashes are, they are like spider-legs D:

Overall : ✭✭✭ /5
Amazing for length! But I dislike the weak lash band.
Good for people with already defined double eyelids!
Not recommended if it’s your first time wearing false lashes.

No. 6

❚ Pre-cut lower lashes make it such a breeze!
❚ Different variants from thicker (3 parts) to thinner (3 parts)
❚ Not neccessary to stick them all
❚ Hard to clean and store (as per all lower lashes that have been cut)
❚ Best lower lashes I’ve used!
❚ Have to use tweezers to position as it’s really small

Overall : ✭✭ /5
For people who are not lazy like me!
You have to be quite skilled in putting on lower falsies to use these~!

Overall I think it’s a good buy.
I don’t get why people are complaining about the price!
It’s SGD23.90 for TWO pairs of nicely designed lashes!!
MAC sells lashes for SGD19 + per pair and it’s not even good to use :/
The brand of lashes doesn’t matter but the design does!

My mum also liked it so much she told me to buy more!
This time I think on her account haha. Cause I blew so much money at Watsons the other day.

Watsons at Ngee Ann is the only place which sells it too. How odd!
I’m going to get a few more!
Going to support Tsubasa Masuwaka to the fullest!

Super pretty!

My tutorial on putting lashes:

Also review for no.5 and eyeliner here

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  1. 1

    […] oh oh!!! We bought Dollywink lashes after I got so curious about it from Geri’s blog. Cher and I shared a set of lower and upper lashes because its quite expensive at $23.90 […]

  2. 2

    […] place as it’s flexible 3. All in one lash band so it’s less time-consuming compared to No. 6 4. Easy storage 5. Easier to clean 6. Transparent band makes it look more […]

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    After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  4. 7

    Elrica said,

    Hi, i was thinking to buy it too..after reading ur review..i think i will buy it. And i just wonder did watson ngee ann selling candy doll make up line as well?



    • 8

      narikodesu said,

      Great! Hope you like them ^^
      I don’t think they carry candydoll ! But I haven’t been to Watsons at Ngee Ann for so long (I’m away in Brisbane) so I can’t be sure! I hope they do though!

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