oh crap

Is this going to be possible on Saturday ?
I think..erm… no. (T_T)
But I’ll wake up extra early to try it out on Sat (>_>);

That’s Heki from Korea btw~

She’s my new “idol” haha.

I did something silly last night washing my falsies….
One of it…
Fell in.

Thankfully its not the dollywink ones though.

The weight I lost the past week gained back within a week (X-X)

3 days straight, I had Japanese food for dinner. Last night was Indonesian food.

I wonder if it’s the lack of sleep but my makeup skills (or lack thereof) has gone really crappy recently.
Or maybe my eye condition is really bad D:
I’ve been using clinique’s eye cream just this week and i think it works wonders! I told the counter lady my problem with my eye area due to putting falsies almost everyday and sometimes it gets really irritated so she suggested this expensive (but not really so) eye cream that helps reduce swelling/itchiness and IT DOES! Unlike my $90 eye serum from facial salon which works for my parents but not me ORZ.

Have to stock up on skincare before flying to aussie soon!
I also want to purchase a mascara today :D
That and boots, and oh, meeting the seller of the liz lisa dress today~ :D
Forgot to take $$ from my mum for the dress coz its for CNY though (x_X)
Also I finally bought pastels and brushes yesterday! I’ll do my best on Sat! (T_T)


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