SOY’B over!

In the end, after praying I’ll be ok, I went to SOY’B!

Some upsetting things:
1. Parents haven’t left the house at 10am so I couldnt get ready [I canceled appointment for this doctor thing and my dad wasnt too pleased so he shldnt know I was cosplaying haha]
2. Aforementioned scenario caused me to miss the shiseido talk :(
3. Stupid comfort taxi didnt get me a taxi after all that waiting! SMRT wins and was fast and efficient
4. Happy M day =___=
5. Didn;t find mic
6. Didnt use clipboard in the end
7. SOYB was boring, a bit too small

Good things:
1. Caught up with kura!!!
2. Had a photoshoot outside with Richard, Nicholas and others[ sorry totally didnt remember all your names (;3;)
3. Didn’t faint though I thought I might puke cause I was still a bit sick and it was way hot

Unforgettable moments:
1. When this girl chased me and requested for a photo and closeup (no!!! my pimple scar T_T but i did it anyway coz she was so nice and cute!!)
2. When someone took a photo and asked which character I was from I said it’s from a manga called dolls… *laugh* by naked age *laugh* I don’t know why but I thought it was a bit embarrassing after saying it out loud haha. ITS NOT HENTAI OK. Hahah
3. Meeting livingdeadbunny though for a short while! (^^)
4. Doing a shoot standing on a freaking bench (=_=)
5. WHen my feet felt like it ws burning after taking off boots and wearing them again D: why is that? D:

Will upload pics when they come!
And I hope soon!

I did faceup for my girl halfway and cldnt find my gloss and acrylic paint (=_=)
So I stopped there and now I really feel tired (x_X) my legs shake when I stand hahaa.


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