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BUNNEH and me ~~
I’m watching rookies these few days and have been using it to hug at “Awww” moments haha~

Finally i got to go to Ikea at Logan!! Hehe!

Kelly 大姐大 and goodmorning boy haha


Normal beings!haha!
Weimin’s dressed prepared for flooding haha!

At times she is JIEJIE at times she is NUER haha. It’s a complicated thing :P

Looking at this picture makes me hungry again (T___T)
Totally stuffed for a medium sized one (didnt even finish the mash) so much so i skipped dinner completely D:

School’s starting again tomorrow. Arghhh.

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market week and being featured!

I helped out in our school’s market week this semester at KG.
I’ll join the GP one next sem! KG didnt have lots of traffic so I didnt meet a lot of Singaporeans but I met a whole bunch of other people as acquaintances haha.

I love the Flying spaghetti monster people! They had just a humourous speech that had to do with pirates and global warming haha. It’s basically a social club or something but our school had some restrictions so they needed to “sell” the club as something else haha. Didn’t catch their names though sadly. Humourous bunch of people who tried to poke through my glasses to see if it had lenses or not haha and who tried to promote their club instead of others. Also, like the pirates they were, they stole other club’s free stuff haha. I LIKE. Too bad membership was a tad pricey for something “just for fun”

Also gotten some pretty cool stuff from market week! Crumpler toilet rolls (super cute imprinted ‘colouring’ section! The guy giving them out was cool too haha he was very taken by my glasses and we kinda swapped eye wear haha) Nandos were giving away tattoos, vouchers and … condoms hahaha. The condom thing had a story behind it with its copy and brochure. Cool stuff really! Had free snacks and drinks too~ Also commonwealth was also giving away heaps of stuff~Also ikea!! Too bad I have most of the stuff :(

They had really cool events and competitions going on too, was great to just watch it all happen haha. Also one of the commonwealth dudes was kinda cute HAHA. *Shameless*

Didnt know market week would be nice, didnt pay any attention to it last semester when i was a freshman hahah.

One day here really feels like a week.
I’m sooooooo dreading tutorial week. Argh I hate the lectuorial thing cause I cant really skip it much coz I’ll be missing a whole lot. Luckily Bucka spotted me, hoping class wouldn’t be that boring then ~~

Gonna swim and bake tomorrow ~
Well I’m swimming for sure, gonna work off all the carbs I’ve been consuming~
As for baking.. hmmmm … hahaha.

Cant wait for Saturday!

Wil Kor told me my cosplays and an interview would be featured in another site MJ and his friend is in~ I’m happy and honoured hehe!! Going to work harder and keep improving!

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What a sad sad day.
First day of school and it’s been really sucky for me.
The only perk was bubble tea and sumo sushi~
Also bought a mad hatter shirt from jayjays~!
I want a checkered shirt really bad ~~ I’ll get one soon / next week.

I’ve been spending way too much money too :(

I also had a nightmare about my alien phobia again.
Must have been an indication that it would be a bad day haha.

I hope tomorrow would be a better day :)
Positive thoughts and faith in the Lord will guide me through!!

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I’m superrrr hungry omg :(
That’s what I get for not eating a heavier lunch, now dinner’s gonna be heavy too :(

Spent the day cleaning up the apartment, not too satisfied with my room state but I’ll clean it another day haha.
I really need to get my Kewpie mayo! This is unbearable haha~~

Going to eat nandos later and snack on chips!
I also have a sudden craving for prata (why now T_T)
and korean pancake!

Obaltan will be calling me soon hahah~
Signed up to help some booth stuff for SSA, hopefully I’ll get to meet great peeps!
Tomorrow school starts :(
I have lecturial for 3 hours! Argh, not looking forward to it at all!
and a night lecture thankfully at KG, so it isnt that bad but still.. =_= sian sia night lec.

I shall get kimchi dumplings/veg dumplings and fish tofu + tomyum paste soon rawrsss. Im super lazy to cook haha.

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I’m back and I’m painfully reminded of a few things :
1. Should always ALWAYS wear flats on board. I have to throw my favourite heels away cause the ribbon fell off somewhere (>_>);; also i fell down in them on the road (>_>);;
2. The water smells different (i dont know man i was in the shower and was DDD:)
3. I have wayyyy too much shampoo
4. I have wayyyyyyy too many soft toys (and i bought bunbun my pink rabbit back too =__=) however! I brought stewie back the other time. So.. count remains the same haha. Bunny is like my drama buddy and i abuse it lots when watching stuff haha

Things I should do:
1. Remember netbank password and get it unlocked
2. Buy essential items which i have already listed out
3. Do the laundry
4. Sun the toys. Better yet, wash them
5. Clean the whole apartment
6. Groceries!!
7. Get internet limit back to 7GB, it’s 1 GB now, dangeroussss
8. Sell QUT textbooks
9. Buy shoes and more clothes 8D
10. Pay school fees
11. Get prepaid number changed to three mobile, remember said number. WHAT IS MY AUSSIE NUMBER OMG.

Stupid things I have done  :
1. Buying yunho’s drama [i’ll give it a chance, $30 better have at least some chiobus haha]
2. Falling down
3. Bringing another bottle of shampoo
4. Not bringing and buying usb port, other pair of shoes
5. Not looking at my maid packing my bag cause I have no idea where everything is haha

I totally packed my own bag, but everything couldnt fit, my maid said she will pack for me and OMG she fit twice as much as I did haha. But she hid a lot of my toiletries in the middle of everything I had to play treasure hunt haha. Love her, my dog and my family!

Older brother came and sent me off, we had breakfast at 7am at Yakun. Super touched (T3T) Kor, even though you are a bastard sometimes, I reallyyyy love yoouuuu. Except recently I kinda love marcus more cause he’s funny and cute haha! :P

Ok going to not waste so much bandwidth and play some SIMS3/ watch drama
Love you all my darlings! Especially Kels and Kym who texted me in the morning! Sandra and Jo for texting me one day before! Miss you guysssssss! (Ecept kels since i have to see her everyday now. sian HAHAH. Kidding! ah nia loves u!)

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stuffed to the brim

My checkin luggage is stuffed to the brim!!
And I have lotsa stuff not in yet :/
I think the daiso bag thingum popped back in shape for sure (>_>)
It felt defective when I used it but aiya whatever it’s too late now.

Going to see what I can squeeze into the smaller hand-carry, i hope it fits my laptop coz i would like to roll it around then carry the damn thing on my aching shoulder :( I realllyyyyy hope they upgrade me to business class! HAHAH.I should dress decently and not wear tattered jeans tomorrow morning haha! Put me in business class! Haha :P but fat hope since I/ve already auto checkin myself (>_>);; but i hope they waive whatever weight my baggage goes the limit over!

Super unprepared to go back to Brissy. I feel super childish and all right now it’s kinda embarassing and stupid at the same time.

Going to stuff face with pizza and old changkee later. Rawrs.
Will totally miss Singapore food!

I also sadly didnt learn to cook a thing hhaha, sorry dear housemates. But much loves to both of you! See you tomorrow night! Another round of adventures will continue huh, let’s all do our best together! ^^

I just checked the inflight entertainment and im quite sad at the selection, but at least I’ll get to watch where the wild things are!

I’m going to meet Kym later for dinner and also going to grab sims3 and ANY drama so I can cry over and get this shitty feeling over and done with. I only cried once in You’re Beautiful coz Hongki looked so utterly sad crying. (T_T) *pats his head*

Decided not to deal with shitty hair and let it grow out haha. Woes of a lazy procrastinator ~! Because of the weight limit, in the end none of my dolls will be going over too :/ Bleh. I’ll come back for them another day~~~ Also my cosplay stuff, since srsly i have no space and shoes have not packed in yet (X_X);;


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I woke up feeling mentally prepared to leave.
But after checking-in online, I realised I have a lot of stuff I havent bought or done.


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