After looking at the shots, minus Richard’s… I can’t say I’m eggcitied over any thing, I’m just satisfied haha.

These are the only shots I like thus far haha.
2 by naks/nicholas and one by randy with edits by me~
Maybe working with Ming Jie and Wilson Kor set my expectations really high? I also like the feel of photos MJ gives, more dark and fits the themes of the characters perfectly.
Perhaps its because this is my first time cosplaying someone who can smile readily and I’m not used to happily exposed shots.

Anyway shot by MJ and Wilson Kor:

And i didnt need to edit A THING.
I didnt even want to place text in it.
Everyone I know likes this shoot but I didnt like how my cos turned out, too bad I sold it :/
Maybe another time, I’ll try a fancy V-Kei outfit again~

I miss shoots with MJ and Wilson!
But I feel really bad bothering them all the time (._.);;

I really appreciate all the pictures though! Thanks guys!


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