moarrrr photos

Richard has some amazing shots!
This one edited by me.

By Richard!

All Richard I just added text and borders~!
Caught up a bit with MJ and hopefully I can squeeze one more shoot with him! *praypray* I already know the location of where I want to shoot, I just need lots of water and paper fans! haha.
Probably will do Shikibi or do more justice to Rami and maybe Saeki/Ayane (wonders of cheapo cosplay), I’m looking at my face and I dont think I can pull Riku off after all haha.
Maybe another time.

Had an interesting talk about PS and taking photos with Richard~
I think despite you know being pro at shooting and all, you have to focus on foreground, background and YOUR SUBJECT.
Ridiculous how I look super fat in some pictures (=__=)||
Definitely will work with Richard again hopefully in Brissby so I dont melt my makeup haha.

I’m watching hot blood now and omo, I feel so sad for lee swee chi? and doojoon. At least doojoon got into beast! Their storng friendship is so heart warming, when they all fought to save the first 3 who were almost elimated (T_T) Totally teared while eating mifen in the morning haha. I feel like an indigestion may come up later (x_X)

I love my mum! So touched she went to tabao favourite mifen for me even though my dad was being a grumpy grouch~!

Bayonetta is the shit btw.
Totally imbar!!!
I’ll play till about 11pm then go check more mails on my computer then sleep.
I don’t log into msn often unless I’m bored at work :/
It’s kinda weird, I feel so anti-social haha.
But my sleep needs me haha~! Or rather, I NEED MORE SLEEP haha.


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