Reading uni notes is such a chore!

I’m going back to Brisbane soon and it’s funny but because I’m used to Singapore again,I have this childish sense of fear. What’s with me. I’m already old enough! Haha.

I’m reading some “compulsory” articles for my report and I’m totally reminded that university readings are really THAT ridiculously long! I remember my initial shock at the start and everyday I would come home form uni just to read (=__=)|| I wanted to do well so I tried reading chapters a week before. After a while I decided I’ll just read whatever is due to read cause it was too many *death*

Totally addicted to F.T island’s I hope!

You said you love me
and where did you leave abandoning me?
My two hands that you held and our promise
how could you leave throwing me away and breaking it?
– rapped by my beloved seunghyun! I feel like a pedo cause he’s younger than me (=_=)||

Also 2am’s I love you, 죽어도 못 보내 and 그녀에게 (feat. 찬성 of 2PM)!! Changsung ahhhh~~
He’s receiving more love from me day by day but junho still gets the most amongst the magnaes haha.
Hot blood~!! (*3*)/

I wonder if I should buy You’re beautiful drama dvd or something back to aussie :/
I want to buy sims3 incase I die of boredom (if i’ll even be bored from studying haha)


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